Cause Consumer Articles

Cause Consumer is an online magazine dedicated to highlighting companies who combine ethical business practices with initiatives meant to bring about long-term impact.

Each week, they offer original reporting on one or more of these 'social enterprises', detailing their backstories, operation, and exploring each company's progress towards creating a better, fairer world. 

Over the past several months, I've had the honor of contributing a few stories to their publication. I sincerely hope to continue my small part in their journalistic endeavor. 


As our collaboration grows, I won't be able to feature all our work on my Instagram link-in-bio separately. This page is where you'll find a complete archive, listed in order of most recent publication.

Spending for Good

Encouraging shoppers to use their lifestyle spending as a means to do good is the heart of Cause Consumer's mission. Right now, they're building a community of 1 million conscious consumers who'll shift $5 of their weekly budgets to impact-focused brands.

That's $260 million worth of everyday purchases supporting environmental conservation, jobs for marginalized people, indigenous arts and resources, and so much more... every single year! 


Learn more about the Spend-Gooder Pledge  

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