About Mai

I'm Mai Zahrat- a professional copywriter in the Fair Trade and ethical business space. I'm from forest-covered, snowy upstate New York, some 45 minutes north of Syracuse. 


When I considered a startup of my own, I had no interest in the confused trappings of conventional business culture- power playing, profit grabbing, ladder climbing, all that jazz. No, I thought: that's not for me… and it's not for so many other people either- entrepreneurs, consumers, workers all over the world, just trying to make a decent living. An alternative model-Fair Trade- convinced me to go into business. Now I'm passionate about ensuring companies who hold Fair Trade certifications, or who simply love people and planet, have access to the very best copy in the industry.


If you partner with smallholder or artisan exporters, you know the struggles of reaching your ideal market.

As a business owner myself, I can sympathize with the overwhelm involved in creating on-brand content, or finding someone to do it for you- all while not compromising your values or voice. With a few clicks, I can make the choice a no-brainer. If you're not sure if hiring a copywriter is for you, or could use some additional answers, feel free to drop me a line, here or via a social channel. I look forward to hearing from you!