Mission and Vision

Fair Trade first opened up the world market to disadvantaged growers and artisans by establishing premiums, secure labor and trading practices. Today, the potential for fully integrated world commerce is exploding. Ecommerce and social media commerce can help create new and further opportunities for artisans and ethical brands, inside and outside of conventional Fair Trade operations.


Fair Trade majorly improved business practices in the 20th century. Though Fair Trade is still a niche market, your ethical business can pave the way to Fair Trade practices becoming standard operating procedure- but only if your copy gives you the visibility you deserve. Great companies need great copy, written by a copywriter who understands their ethical stance. Opportunity for all, through quality copy is what I'm all about!


With help from modern digital capability, an alternative network of ethical businesses are  doing good for people, the environment, and the world at large. It takes a lot of research to understand and harness the ethical movement in brand loyalty. For a business owner swamped in so many other duties- you fill in the blanks- adding quality content creation is overwhelming and sometimes unworkable.


Whether you're running a successful, long-standing business, or the one-man-band of a fledgling startup- or somewhere in between- you're well aware your written content makes or breaks your business.


And if you're part of the Fair Trade movement, you have even greater responsibility. With Fair Trade's roots in the mid 20th century, you are at the masthead of ethical branding. As a Fair Trade company, you'll ensure your content is perfectly on point with the values Fair Trade upholds- and that's a hard job to tackle alone. You've given farmers and artisans their original opportunity to prosper; in your copy you're representing them as well as yourself.


All in all, excellent copy is your most important online asset- so what to do?


You invest in great copy from a copywriter who specializes in creating opportunity for all, inside and outside the Fair Trade movement.