Mai Zahrat Copywriting

You're an ethical brand catering to consumers who care. You've got high-quality, artisan-made goods that tell a story with every piece. You're ready to change the world, one conscious product at a time: and now's the time to make your valuable message visible.

You've got a matter of seconds to get your ethical message out in a high-pressure online environment.


Your content must be clear, on-point with your brand, yet uniquely you.

Creating that content is overwhelming. When you're running a business, it's downright discouraging to spend an afternoon tongue-tied at a keyboard.


Nobody has time for that.

You thought you might let a professional take the job off your hands, but you're hard-pressed to find someone who understands your values and voice.

You say you're frustrated? You don’t know where to go next?

I say you've come to the right place.

Your copy needs are as diverse as the artisans you support. Whether it's social media, website copy, blogs or something else, I can support your brand with a clever comma or two.

I'm Mai Zahrat- a copywriter disillusioned with 'big business' who loves to read, tinker, and hike in the woods of upstate New York. I create copy for brands with a conscience, and for all who trade fairly.